Leader in Partnerships

Cultivating long-lasting partnerships between manufacturers and retail customers.

At RLA, we are committed to your success!

For over 50 years — our mission statement as set forth by our founder, Ray Larsen, has been:

“To get our manufacturers’ products maximum on-shelf visibility, while simultaneously forging vital alliances between our clients and retailing partners”

Ray Larsen founded RLA Marketing in 1958 and is considered a pioneer in the toy industry. Today, RLA is the premier toy sales agency and marketing firm, offering full service support to our client base. Our customers include all mass market toy sellers, specialty retailers, drug chains, supermarkets, and their online affiliates. What makes RLA unique is that we are always accessible and totally involved in your business. We work alongside your team in building your product line and brand.

Our focus is to sell your product and optimize sales opportunities and visibility, but at RLA, we don’t stop there! RLA sales efforts go well beyond the buyer by also working closely with the retailer’s management team so there is one vision for your product’s placement, position, and retail presentation. At RLA, we define ourselves by our commitment and service to you!

RLA is a virtual 24/7 sales team always working on your behalf. Our “all win” philosophy has earned RLA a national reputation as the #1 representative sales and marketing agency in the toy industry. We invite you to contact us through our web-site or to call us directly today.