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Our staff is experienced in the business of having fun!

baby diapers and children's ride-ons

Allen Dreyfuss

Allen came to RLA in 1988 and has worked in a sales capacity as well as now managing the company. Prior to joining the RLA team Allen was the VP of Sales for a consumer goods division of Beatrice Foods, Spindex, and Panosh Place. Throughout his career, Allen has worked with all national retailers including mass market, drugstore, and supermarkets. Allen has focused on Toys ‘R US since the early 80’s and has experience in selling every buying category within TRU/BRU. Allen’s areas of expertise range from bicycles, sporting goods, and radio control toys, to swimming pools, dolls, and even diapers.

children sporting goods

Dave Johnson

Dave has over 20 years of experience in the consumer and toy products industry, working with RLA since 1994. Prior to RLA he was VP Sales and Marketing for SLM Inc. handling seasonal toys, pools and snow goods, fitness equipment, trucks, remote/radio controlled toys, and preschool toys. Dave’s category expertise includes seasonal products, remote/radio controlled toys, collectibles, and sporting goods.

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John Caruso

John joined RLA in 2006 and has 16 years in the consumer and toy products industry, working in sales management for such companies as Nabisco, Lego and Leapfrog. He has managed numerous accounts in all facets of the retail industry including mass, specialty, grocery, and drugstore; Toys R Us being the largest account. John’s category expertise includes electronic learning aids, construction, games, plush, and pre-school products.

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Ernie Simonetti

Ernie has been with RLA since 1991. He works with retail accounts of all sizes from large chain retailers to small, independently owned businesses and prides himself on the level of attention he gives to each and every account. Ernie has earned several professional awards throughout his career including the “Intex Achievement of Excellence Award”, “Vtech Salesman of the Year Award”, and “Moose Mountain Toy Impact Award” for four consecutive years. His categories of expertise are games, inflatable and above ground pools, airbeds, and electronic learning aids.

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Martin Brackman

With over 35 years of experience working in the New England region with major retailers, Marty began his multifaceted career on the buying side with the major retail chains, J.M.Fields and Bradlees. He left buying to work for manufacturers such as Revell, Remco, and Apex Sales. In 2006, Marty joined the RLA team and brought with him his expertise in the hobby, toys, and inflatable and above ground pools categories.

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Doug Pinckney

Doug Pinckney has been in the toy business since 1972, and has been working with the Ray Larson group for more than 25 years. His major customers are Wegmans, American Sales, Kinney Drug, and Price Chopper. Doug handles the Upstate New York territory including, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse & Albany. His expertise is in the seasonal business categories