Maximize Product Visibility

Our focus is to sell your product and maximize its visibility, but we don’t stop there!

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Product Presentation Preparation

RLA will deliver professional and compelling presentations to sell new products. All product sales presentations are professionally reproduced, providing clear and concise customer specific information, including forecasting, sales analysis, advertising, and planogram recommendations.

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Sales Strategy Development

We provide detailed strategies and development plans that are functional and tailored to your specific businesses.

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Sales and Business Analysis

Identify a client's strengths, weaknesses, and challenges by advising areas of opportunity as well as improvement with customized reports.

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EDI Capable

EDI, the electronic transfer of customer/vendor information, is the industry standard and required by most major retailers. RLA is EDI capable with all customers. Orders, acknowledgements, and weekly sales & inventory figures are transmitted and downloaded daily/weekly. RLA is able to assist its manufacturers in the initial setup and implementation of EDI if necessary.

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Quote Sheet Preparation

All customer forms have been entered in the RLA database. This provides customers with professionally presented quotes in a timely fashion. RLA is fully knowledgeable of available retailer extranet sites.

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Payment Assistance

RLA will reach out to retailers should a manufacturer have a potential issue or experience late payments.